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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care at Sonoran Veterinary Center in Tucson, AZ provides specialized, compassionate services for aging pets.

Senior Pet Care in Tucson, AZ

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Senior Pet Care

Geriatric pets should receive semi-annual rather than annual veterinary examinations to identify and treat early signs of disease or other concerns. While senior pet examinations are equivalent to those for younger pets, they are more extensive. They may entail dental work, blood work, and specific checks for diseases that are more prevalent in senior animals.

Even one of these health issues could exacerbate or lead to another. For instance, an arthritic pet may become overweight and inactive, which could result in diabetes or heart issues. In addition to physical flaws, dementia-like cognitive problems could affect your pet. They could momentarily appear lost, misrecognizing you or other household pets, or they might forget where they put their toys or food bowl. Despite the rarity of cognitive issues, you should consult one of our veterinarians immediately.