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Pet Microchipping

Sonoran Veterinary Center in Tucson, AZ offers reliable pet microchipping for secure identification and swift reunions.

Pet Microchipping in Tucson, AZ

Pet Microchipping

A microchip can significantly improve the chances that a lost pet will return home. The Sonoran Veterinary Center staff highly recommends this straightforward and speedy procedure.

In between the dog or cat’s shoulder blades, a small microchip is inserted (other animals, such as horses, ferrets, and most mammals, can be microchipped too). A scanner can read the microchip’s identifying number which is present on it. To identify the animal’s owner, a vet clinic or animal shelter can scan the animal’s chip.

Numerous pets who go missing each year never return home, numbering in the thousands. Pets frequently go without collars or tags, especially indoor pets. Even though your pet is wearing a collar and identification tag, these methods of identification might not be sufficient to ensure their safe return because collars can come undone, and tags can get dirty and become unreadable. Your pet needs a dependable form of identification that is impossible to lose, steal, or damage. The likelihood that your pet will return safely can be considerably increased by using a microchip, which is a secure and convenient method of identification.