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Pet Husbandry Consultation

Sonoran Veterinary Center in Tucson, AZ offers personalized Pet Husbandry Consultations for tailored care and preventive health guidance.

Pet Husbandry Consultation in Tucson, AZ

Pet Husbandry Consultation

Pets may struggle with everything from minor housetraining concerns to severe anxiety and aggressiveness problems. That’s where we can help! With a method that integrates expertise from veterinary clinical medicine, behavioral medicine, and pet training, we are skilled and experienced in evaluating and treating behavioral issues. Your friendship with your pet will deepen as you both learn to communicate.

Behavioral issues are the most common cause for pet owners to surrender their animals. Inappropriate urination or feces, aggression, separation anxiety, inappropriate chewing and barking, and introducing new pets into the home are just a few of the issues that the Sonoran Veterinary Center can help with.

The leading cause of cats and dogs being abandoned, given up, or put to death is behavioral issues. Most of these creatures are younger than three years old. Among the many behavioral problems that we may assist with are the following:

  • Separation anxiety
  • House-soiling/Urine marking
  • Fear and anxiety issues
  • Obsessive, compulsive disorders
  • Noise phobias
  • Attention-seeking behavior
  • Aggression toward other animals or people
  • Inappropriate scratching by cats